At the Berlin Holocaust Memorial

The first time I visited the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, passing through the rows of concrete blocks, I saw this girl sitting on the ground. I snapped a picture just by reflex. Turning around again she was gone. It was a strong symbolic experience for me. Later when I saw the image on the computer screen I saw the figure in the end of the row, the feeling got even stronger. I so wish people could live in peace, I so wish we all could show each other love instead of hate. We need a girl to remind us each day what happens if we don’t.


Emma Svensson to Fotografiska Wall of Fame

I had the honour of doing the portrait of the highly successful photographer Emma Svensson, for Fotografiska Wall of Fame. Emma started off photographing at rock concerts. She built a successful company around that. Became blogger at Elle. Moved on to be a leading fashion photographer and now has her own major studio with employees. She also started her on series of workshops. Now she’s climbing the highest mountains in every European country, that’s 49 peaks in one year. She’s got a lot of energy I have to say and she’s a role model for young photographers. I can’t wait to hear what will be her next project!

Image shot on the Fujifilm GFX50S with the Fujinon lens GF32-64mmF4 R LM WR. Profoto D4 with light shaper Profoto Octa 3′